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Matt Massey
Muralist|Graphic Designer
CEO of MKreations LLC





Artist, Matthew Massey, was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. He is a Saginaw Valley State University alumni and athlete who has obtained a Bachelor's degree in Art with a minor in Graphic Design in 2021. Following in the footsteps under the tutelage of his father Dr. Hubert Massey, Matthew had started creating murals in 2018, and has been teaching Junior High School Art for the past 2 years after college completion. 

Artist statement 


My approach to public art begins with the community it will serve. In fact, after not only being a part of, but helping create large-scale public works of art for various cities, communities and neighborhoods, it is my belief that public art should be first and foremost meaningful to those who surround it.


My work is about educating the viewer, and demonstrating the importance of art and culture melding together for a more altruistic purpose. I not only use public art to only beautify the community, but to bring people together. In the process, my goal is to research and go tell the stories of communities’ rich history.


Due to the public presentation and context of my work, I believe that part of what I do is historical, regional and environmental, carefully incorporating symbols and images of pride, heritage and influences from the surrounding community. My vision is to create an art piece that will make families and youth feel empowered to accomplish the future. 


Matt Massey

Meet the Artist

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